Our Culture

We believe that everything starts and ends with our people. This is the cornerstone of our “People first” philosophy.

Our ambition is to make MediaCom the best place to work for knowledgeable, curious, caring and passionate people. We strive to nurture a culture that will fire enthusiasm and inspire creativity. Our thinking is simple: inspired people will create better work for our clients.


We believe in putting our “People first”

Our people define us, and having the best people in the industry is what makes us great. That’s why our cultural ethos is “People first” – a guiding philosophy that’s been deep-rooted in the agency since 1986 when MediaCom was established. It’s the reason our global leadership team have some of the longest tenure within any media agency, averaging 20 years. It’s also the reason we’ve doubled in size over the last six years to be 6,500 people strong across 125 offices in 100 markets around the world.

Our “People first” philosophy also guides our internal career development initiatives, where we commit to giving our employees a career, not a job. We invest in each person by offering them a tailored and comprehensive development programme that includes 360° annual appraisals,an online learning hub, global relocation opportunities,and a diligent succession policy where we strive to always promote and fulfil new roles from within.

The capability and motivation of our employees is what moves our business – and our clients’ businesses – forward. Thanks to their dedication, we are proud to be the No. 1 global media agency in the RECMA 2015 mainstay Network Diagnostics Report.


We live and breathe a global set of behaviours that makes us One MediaCom

At MediaCom, we have a global set of behaviours that are reflective of what it means to be a Systems Thinker. These behaviours also ensure we act asOne MediaCom,rather than siloed geographies, to deliver on our systems thinking approach.

Our four global behaviours are universally owned, nurtured and shared by all offices around the network. They are articulated as a One MediaCom manifesto, empowering our employees to reach their full potential.

  • Know It- Dedicate ourselves to mastering our own craft, while having a passion for learning from others
  • Push It- Be brave to explore beyond “good enough” and strive to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary
  • Share It- Believe that when we share and receive ideas openly, it enriches everyone around us
  • Do It- Take responsibility for our work and take action to succeed together

To attract and retain the best systems thinkers in the industry, our behaviours inform how we hire, review, reward and – of course – have fun. We bring our systems thinking behaviours to life every day in every office around the world through a programme of real initiatives that cultivates a creative and inspiring culture.

Know It – Inspiration Day

As the name suggests, Inspiration Day gives every person in the company a day away from the office to get inspired, learn a new skill and stimulate fresh thinking. People have taken their Inspiration Days to visit a museum or art gallery, to volunteer at their children’s school, or even to learn how to juggle!  The only obligation is for employees to share their experiences back with their teams afterwards, to help inspire others. We believe Inspiration Day is one of the many ways we make MediaCom the most inspiring place to work.

Push It – If I Ran the Company

Every year, we run a global internal competition called “If I Ran the Company”. If I Ran the Company started from a very simple thought – how can all 6,500 employees contribute ideas to the leadership and direction of the company so that we invent our future, together? We create teams within each office and challenge them to solve a global brief that will benefit our people and our clients. Each year the winning idea - judged by our global Executive Committee - is put into action and becomes an integral part of our culture, such as our social-media-driven new hire referral programme, Inspiration Day and The Idea Farm. The winning team members also win a fantastic prize such as a trip of a lifetime or six months’ rent.

Share It – The Idea Farm

The Idea Farm is an online brainstorming platform that takes sharing and ideation to the next level. By harnessing the combined brainpower of the entire network, The Idea Farm crowdsources creative thinking to solve client and new business briefs. It enables our clients to leverage our entire team of systems thinkers from around the world, and rewards our people with challenging briefs and connected thinking – not to mention $1,000 for the person/team with the winning idea.  We think that the more people we involve in a business challenge, the more likely we are to come up with ground-breaking ideas that deliver great results.

Do It – Connections Awards

Everything we do culminates in creating the best possible work for our clients. We celebrate this via a global Connections Awards competition that is run twice a year. Each market is asked to submit at least one of their best case studies from the last six months, and all entries are then judged by a global jury made up of senior Systems Thinkers. The team behind the winning case study wins fame and glory, as well as a study trip to the next Cannes Lions.


We have a world-leading global mobility programme that helps deliver One MediaCom

In line with our “People first” belief and systems thinking approach, we are committed to building a truly global network by proactively encouraging and facilitating our highest-performing people to explore international opportunities within the MediaCom network.

Global mobility helps us make our network even more connected, encouraging deep collaboration across markets, as well as offering our clients a true One MediaCom approach.  It helps us share knowledge and transfer skills across markets, while giving our people fresh experiences and new skills which can develop and enhance their career.

We are unique among our peers in our dedication to global mobility programme. In fact, around 300 people - or 5% of our workforce - are now living and working in foreign markets, which is significantly higher than the industry average. Recent assignments include people relocating from Melbourne to London,Guangzhou to Johannesburg, Dubai to New York, Toronto to Singapore and Madrid to Mexico City.

"We’re really excited about our Pathway programme which allows us to offer wonderful opportunities to both our employees and the business. Our highest performing employees can embark on exciting, challenging and rewarding personal and professional experiences, while local teams can gain unique, insightful business knowledge that can enhance the value we provide to our clients.”

Kristen Dardani, Head of Global Mobility