How long have you worked at MediaCom? 

For a long time! Next month it will be 12 years.

Tell us one thing that people may not know about you?

Before being Future talent and Diversity & Inclusion Manager at MediaCom, I was EA to Luke Bozeat and Claire Ferguson for a number of years. One of the brilliant things about MediaCom is the ability to progress and adapt your career. I realised my passion was working with and helping to develop people, so I’m so happy that I now get to help recruit all of our Early Talent and work in a team that focuses on making MediaCom a place where people feel included, heard and valued- something which is really important to me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Usually quite a few meetings. Hopefully most of you know that we now have 7 employee resource groups focusing on Age, Gender, Ethnicity, LGBTQ, Gender, Faith and our Mental Health Allies. A typical day may be catching up with one of the groups about what they have planned for 2020. We have a selection day for new candidates this week, so I’m currently working to update the introduction presentation, make sure all the assessors can attend and finally working with Group M recruitment to make sure the day runs smoothly.  I have also been working with marketing to develop a brilliant campaign to attract people to our Early Talent scheme.

What are some of the greatest outcomes you’ve seen as a result of your team’s work?

Our campaign with The Book of Man encouraging other companies to also set up an Allies programme, we know a number of companies have now started to develop their own schemes.

What’s your favourite thing about working at MediaCom?

I know everyone says it but the people. And the ability to be flexible; I work from home on a Friday so I can take my son to school which is fantastic for me.

How has MediaCom changed since the time you’ve been here? 

I think even though we have grown, MediaCom is still as great a place to work since the day I started. The company has become much more diverse and I feel like people are more open and honest and able to bring more of themselves to work.

What are the key initiatives at MediaCom for 2020?

We are excited for more of our Early Talent to begin digital marketing qualifications. As MediaCom becomes the agency known for digital, we are upskilling our early Talent with digital knowledge and expertise.  Our focus on inclusion has already led to a start in making the building more inclusive to all, with gender neutral toilets and accessible tea points.

We’re also going to be celebrating different cultures through food each month, so look out for more details on that!


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